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Bagan (Pagan)

View over Old Bagan

1-hour morning flight to Bagan, first and most impressive capital of the Burmese. Bagan was funded by one of the great kings in the 11th and is, next to the Cambodian Angkor Wat, the most outstanding temple and pagoda site of Asia. All-day sightseeing in the gigantic area. From the hundreds of pagodas, we will show you the most outstanding - and this without hurry and with enough time for lasting impressions.

Temple Gate

Firstly you will visit the Shwezigon-Pagoda, the only ancient and original golden Pagoda in Bagan, built by the great king Kyanzittha; afterwards you walk in the shine of the torch through Kyanzittha Umin, a cave monastery with the oldest wall paintings of the country, one of them tells of the Mongolian invasion lead by Kublai Khan, which in 1287 defeated the empire of Bagan. In Gubyaukgyi, a temple in perfect Indian style, you will see hundreds of frescos - the Jatakas; they illustrate the history of the past life of the historic Buddha Shakyamuni. The visit of the Ananda-temples, which many claim it to be the most beautiful and art-historical valuable sacred building in the Bagan area, ends the morning.

  After lunch the sightseeing continues with the temples and pagodas of the southern region of Bagan: You will visit the Manuha-Temple and be amazed by the colossal-Buddhas. Mon-king Manuha let them be embedded in a wall; in the nearby Napaya-Temple the fine stone relief's with the countenance of God Brahma, will inspire you.


With your drive to the southern region of Bagan, you will finally reach the impressive Abeyadama-Temple and then end your tour at the Lawkananda-Pagoda, which has always been a famous landmark for Ayeyarwaddy-fishers. You will experience the sunset on a platform of a pagoda - the view of the 1000-years old temples and pagodas in reddish brick and white plaster on the vast plain of Bagan delights every visitor. Overnight-stay. Typical szene at Old Bagan
Lawkananda Pagoda


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