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Bagan / Mount Popa - the Olymp of the spirits

Ananda Temple

Mount Popa








In the morning you will roam trough the market of Nyaung U. This grants you an insight into the way of life of the Burmese. Afterwards admire the inner gothic architecture of the great Ananda-Temples, which many claim it to be the most beautiful and art-historical valuable sacred building in Bagan. In the near meditation monastery you will see ancient wall paintings with courtly scenes and day-to-day-life in a long past era.

Afterwards you will drive through a sun burnt plain with Palmyra palm trees to the mountain of the ghosts, Mount Popa (2 hours). There you will go up the covered steps to the enormous volcano cone with its ghost shrines and Buddha temples (20 minutes). Food stalls, "pharmacies" with herbal medicine and other mysterious ingredients for prolongation of life skirt your way; many monkeys (long-tailed monkey) will accompany you. Mount Popa (Popa = flower of Sanskrit) is considered as the home of the "nat", heavenly ghosts of the Burmese mythology. 

Finally: In time for sunset you will return to Bagan. Maybe you wish to see it from the pagoda at the river? Overnight-stay.
Nat Shrine


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