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Heho / Taunggyi / Nyaungshewe - the Shan Plateau

Temple near Taunggyi


The flight from the plain of Ayeyarwaddy to the Shan plateau, a Thai tribe in Myanmar, only takes 30 minutes. You will observe the different styles of the Buddhist Shan pagodas and perhaps somewhere along the road a lively and colorful Shan market is taking place. After an 1-hour drive you will reach Taunggyi, the headquarters of the southern Shan-state. On your stroll through the market you will see the hill tribes in their black traditional costumes.

In Taunggyi you will visit a Burmese Cheroot-cigar manufacturer. In the later afternoon drive to Nyaungshwe, largest town at Inle lake and former residence of a Shan king. Overnight-stay.

Ox-market at Taunggyi

Important Remark: During your stay in the Shan plateau (Pindaya, Taunggyi and Inle lake) an excursion to Katku (or Kakku) can be organized. For many years the area around Katku was closed for foreigners, it was only opened a short while ago for tourists. Here, west of the Inle Lake and about 50 kilometres south of Taunggyi, in the 16th century during the reign of the Toungoo king Alaungsitthu, 2500 small pagodas were built on a very small area. The majority of these buildings are still intact and the pagodas are until today a destination for Buddhist piety. They are built in the typical Shan style and are richly decorated. 

These pagodas cannot necessarily be categorised as art-historically important, but the visit is still an experience. The street to Katku is being renewed. Also, during the voyage, you are able to get to know the traditional lifestyles of the Pao tribes in their villages. Katku can also be reached from the Inle Lake via boat and cross-country vehicle. Questions to SunBird! 


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