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Kyaikhtiyo - to the Golden Rock

The famous Golden Rock

Today you will drive through the delta area and over the Sittang River to Kyaikhtiyo. From the town of Kinpun begins the pilgrim path to the pagoda of the famous golden rock, about 10 kilometers away and on an altitude of 1200 meters. However, you will have it a little more comfortable: On the loading space of a truck we will bring you to a camp, from where you will need about 1 hour walking time to the foot of the golden rock. 

Remark: For elderly or frail people there are porters available, who will carry the participants in bamboo chairs up to the top in return for a small charge. On the summit awaits you a simple, but romantic and beautiful located hotel (important remark: not all rooms have warm water available!). First visit of the golden rock in the warm light of the afternoon. Overnight-stay. 
The golden Rock


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