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Mrauk Oo - The Kaladan

Arakanese girl with tanaka make-up

"Antlers which fell into the river", is the poetic name of the port of Sittwe on a side-canal of the Kaladan. Early in the morning, when the mist slowly disappears, the 6 to 8 hour voyage on the mighty Kaladan to Mrauk Oo, once centre of a powerful kingdom, begins. The length of the trip depends on the tide, the water level and, last but not least, the state of the boat (In every case it should be an old, neglected and probably uncomfortable river boat). 

With a little luck you will see dolphins and rare birds, timeless hamlets along the riverbanks and whitewashed pagodas. Ancient boats seem to be on their journey from anywhere to somewhere. The vastness of the river and the country leave lasting impressions. In the run of the afternoon you will reach Mrauk Oo and the sightseeing can begin. Since a few years, a small hotel can also be found in Mrauk Oo, which serves the simple need for comfort.

You have arrived in a part of Asia, which was not allowed to be visited by foreigners since 1941 (before there also weren't a lot of foreigners). Only a few tourists have until now reached this area. Originality, pureness - unforgettable! Smaller organizational hitches may not be preventable until this day! 


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