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Trekking - into the world of the Palaung

Jungle mountains


The day trek begins in the early morning at the hotel in Pindaya (1200 meters above sea level). Porters for food and drink and for your backpacks are available. Arrival in the village of Htut-Ni after approximately half an hour. The majority of the people in this village belong to the Danu hill tribe; they became wealthy after cultivation of a very specific sort of tea. Break after a further hour of trekking. 

The path then leads half an hour uphill to the Danu village Kya Ni Khone. Here the escorts prepare a snack for you. From now on the path becomes stony and sometimes very steep. The 2-hour trek to Palaung village of Yasakyi - the finish of the day -  is hard work. In the Buddhist monastery of Yasakyi, a typical village of the hilltribe of the Palaung 1780 meters above sea level, the evening meal and overnight-stay will be prepared. But please do not expect anything. You will sleep on simple bast mats, which are spread on a wooden floor.

Palaung woman


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