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Yangon (Rangun) 

  Reclining Buddha

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Yangon, the capital, was known as "Dagon" in former times. Yangon means "end of fight". The city is dominated by more than 2000 years old Shwedagon Pagoda, a world famous architectural wonder. The golden stupa of Shwedagon Pagoda raises 109 meters into blue tropical skies. The inner city is one of the most exotic districts in Asia: Neo-classical buildings and tree-lined streets bear testimony to a past when Burma was a colony in the British Empire. Despite being the business and financial hub of Myanmar, the city of Yangon retains a fair degree of serenity - certainly a consequence of lush parks surrounding Kandawgyi Lake and Inya Lake. The National Museum and some other pagodas are worth to be visited and not too few tourists might also enjoy the quality of food in many of the city restaurants. Since there is only little nightlife yet this is the best opportunity to spend some hours out in the evening.

Shwedagon pagoda

The surroundings

Syriam: Halfday-excursion by car to visit Yelepaya Pagoda (middle stream), set on a tiny island in the river. Also explore two more pagodas and the riverside market.                .                
Bago: From Yangon you can reach Bago by car/bus in about 2 hours. Bago is the ancient capital of the Mon Kingdom. There are some important sights: Shwemawdaw, the highest pagoda of the whole country, the Kyaukpun Pagoda with its four huge Buddha images facing the cardinal points, the Reclining Buddha (see picture opposite page), the lively market.
Kyaiktiyo: This is the site of the Golden Rock Pagoda, one of Myanmar's holiest and most spectacular monuments. It can be reached within a day trip. The Golden Rock with its small pagoda at the top sits precariously on the edge of a cliff - only balanced by a hair of Lord Buddha. You might believe it or not... This visit should include 1 overnight at one of the 2 hotels close to the Golden Rock.                                             
Pyay/Prome: This excursion to Pyay/Prome with some of the oldest pagodas of the country - dating baclk to the sixth century! - Is also worth to be done but needs 1 overnight Pyay. The old capital of the Pyu people of Sri Ksetra/Thayekhittaya can be reached after a 6 hours drive north from Yangon.
Mawfamyine/Moulmein: 270 km southeast o Yangon, the fourth largest city of the country. This former capital of British Burma shows a beautiful colonial atmosphere until today and is still a quite charming town. From surrounding hills, dotted with pagodas, the visitor can enjoy a magnificent view of the city and of the harbour, which is still an important teak-port.
Pathein/Bassein: A small port town some 190 km west of Yangon, Pathein only can be reached by a long road journey or by overnight ferryboat. With a scenic waterfront, many Chinese and Burmese temples, Pathein is the gateway to the yet hardly developed beach resort of Chaungtha.

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