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Discovering Destinations in Cambodia


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PHNOM PENH                                                       Information about sights
A Buddhist shrine in the 14th century, Cambodia's capital in the 15th and the French colonial center in the 19th , Phnom Penh's heritage is rich and varied. Today visitors find a bustling, multicultural city at the confluence of the historic Mekong, Tonle Sap and Bassac Rivers. Phnom Penh has many places of exceptional interest for those with time enough to appreciate the city's attractions. Visit the Silver Pagoda of the Royal Palace, the National Museum of Arts has paintings, artifacts and sculpture dating back centuries and Wat Phnom, the temple from which the city takes its name, is a fascinating starting point for the discovery of the city's past.

SIEM REAP (ANGKOR)                                           Information about sights
(300 km from Phnom Penh)
Siem Reap is the center of Angkor. It is here where the ancient people of Khmer constructed one of the greatest monuments. Angkor Wat. But it is not just the temples that make this town attractive. Visit the Tonle Sap lake with its floating villages, where you can explore the traditional Khmer way of life or the national park of Preak Tuol where you can find unique birds. A one day excursion takes you to Phnom Kulen, where on weekends hundreds of Khmers pilgrim to a temple on the mountain top.

(57 km from Phnom Penh)
Visit the temple Suryagiri constructed by Suriavarman I. in the 11th century. Great view over the country side from the top of this hill. Situated in the province of Takeo.

(230 km from Phnom Penh)
The only deep-sea port in Cambodia is in Sihanoukville. The town was constructed by the French as a present for the King. With its sandy beaches it is the perfect place for swimming, scuba diving or just for taking a sunbath. Take a boat to visit one of the many island nearby. Hotels and restaurants serve fresh seafood.

(155 km from Phnom Penh)
This pleasant town is the base for some very interesting excursions to some unexplored caves. The Elephant Mountains offer beautiful rainforest and an amazing view over the Gulf of Thailand. Kep, located 30 km from Kampot with its sandy beaches is a favorite holiday spot for the Khmers.

(79 km from Phnom Penh)
The temple of Phnom Da (mid 6th century) was the last religious center of the Kingdom of Funan (Baphuon). Another very interesting temple just beside Phnom Da is Asram Maharosei an Indian-style laterite temple. There is a museum in Angkor Borei, showing objects of the Baphuon period. To get there, the visitors enjoy a boat ride along an old water channel from the 6th century.

(123 km from Phnom Penh)
The city Kompong Cham is the second largest in Cambodia. The city has a warm French colonial atmosphere. This is why Kompong Cham was once called "The city of gardens". Visit the port and some wats such as Wat Nokhor from the 13th century.

(160 km from Phnom Penh)
From Kompong Thom you can reach one of the most important pre-angkorian sites, the ancient capital of Chenla, Sambor Prei Kuk. The city was inaugurated by King Isanavarman. The road from Kompong Thom to Sambor Prei Kuk can only be reached by four wheel drive car.

(130 km from Phnom Penh)
Explore this national park with his unique wildlife, pine trees originally imported from Japan and many beautiful waterfalls. Enjoy a swim in one of the small lakes with a picnic-lunch on side. In 1945 Kirirom was established as a holiday resort and tourist city.

(600 km from Phnom Penh)
The capital of Rattanakiri province is Banlung. The tropical rainforests of Ratanakiri are abundant with opportunities in eco-tourism. Meet his unique hill tribes or swim at the foot of a pristine waterfall. There you can still find ethnic minorities living the same way as many hundred years ago. With its rainforest still intact Rattanakiri is home to some of the last wild elephants, tigers and other endangered species.

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