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 "Like the ancient Nile whose mud gave birth to a great civilization, the Mekong overflows its banks annually, depositing its riches on the surrounding land, and laid the foundation for the luxurious Empire of the Khmer."
- Pierre Loti, 19th Century French writer.

It was the water which brought the richness and the cultural evolution to this country. According to an ancient Sanskrit inscription, Cambodia was "Born from the water". 

After many years of fear and confrontation, 1998 was the first time that Cambodians conducted their own national elections. At this crucial moment, the people of Cambodia showed their desire for democracy and change for a better future and peace.

After reopening Angkor in 1992 to tourism, many other destinations in Cambodia are now open to visitors. We offer daily excursions from Phnom Penh to Takeo (Phnom Da) or to the national park of Kirirom; from Siem Reap to Phnom Kulen, from where the Laterit stone used for the construction of the Angkor period temples came from. 

LOLEI TRAVEL (CAMBODIA) wants you to discover the unexplored paths of Cambodia. With personal contacts to all involved parties, our professional team guarantees for a safe and unique experience.
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