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  • Andaman Sea - Phi Phi Don Island
  • Sukothai - Wat Sri Chum Mondop
  • Sunset at Krabi
  • Hmong Children at Chiang Mai
  • Shiva Lintel at the Khmer temple Phanim Rung / Buriram
  • James Bond Island at Phang Nga

Dauw Talae Junk Cruise - Prices and Schedule 2018 / 2019






Itinerary of our 5 days journeys

All islands on our journey are of a size that we can hide around the back in less than 20 min to stay in calm conditions.

Day 1: you may embark in Krabi or Phuket - Coffee-time and Dinner on board
( If your journey starts at Phuket, - the itinerary begins reverse with the fifth day ).
After departure from Krabi port we will sail along the amazing cliffs from 
Pra Nang .You can explore the beach, go swimming or stay on board relaxing if that is your wish. In the afternoon we will sail to Poda Island and anchor at Krabi's most famous Island in that coastline. There you will find plenty of time to go swimming, to relax and enjoy the sunset. A five course menu will surprise your expectations and you can enjoy the stars in the company of nice people.
We cast anchor over night between Poda and Chicken Island at Krabi National-park. According to the tide we can visit Talae Waeg sandbank in the evening of day one or in the early morning of day two ! 

Day 2: Khor Poda to Phi Phi Island - Brunch, Coffee-time and Dinner on board.
Under sail for two hours towards Phi Phi Island with stops at magnificent Corral-Islands for swimming and snorkelling. Today you will discover the different Beaches of the two Phi Phi Islands. The hole day will be marked by activities like water, visits to remote beaches, or just relaxing on board. Usually at 5 p.m. we set sail again to reach the coastline of Pee Pee Island Just in time for sunset we sail into Maya Bay from the film "the Beach" for sundown drinks and cast anchor over night there. A fife star menu will satisfy expectations like the day before. Drop anchor over night at Phi Phi Island. 

Day 3: From Pee Pee to Hong Island - Brunch, Coffee-time and Dinner on board.
The morning we have to enjoy the Maya Bay just privately. After brunch we will set sail for new snorkel-spots and some quiet beaches around Pee Pee Islands. In the afternoon the longest stretch of our journey, about 4 hours will take us to Hong Island. If the wind is with us, it can shorten the time under sails quietly. Just an hour before dusk we reach this region which its magnificent landscape. The rest of the day we take it easy, go swim or visit the beach of 
Hong island. We cast anchor over night in Noparat National-Park at Hong Island. 

Day 4: Hong Island Group - Brunch, Coffee-time and Dinner on board.
Today we will visit the different Islands of Khor Hong's rock formations. Tiny beaches and lagoons are wonderful to explore. According to the tide we will decide which of these dozens of hidden coves gives easy access. Some "Hongs" = "rooms" can be visited only at low tide and some others only at high tide. We have the whole day just to pick the right places and right time. A kayak excursion through a fantastic cave-labyrinth can be arranged for a extra charge of 16,- Euro/p. Cast anchor over night at Phang Nga Marine National-Park. 

Day 5: Phang Nga Marine National park - Brunch on board.
The last morning is located in the middle of an incredible scene with uncountable stalactites and rock-labyrinths. The early morning light dip the whole landscape in mythical colours and shades. This scenery was location for many famous movies. After brunch it will take three hours to the pier of Leam Praow. There you will disembark at 12:00 a.m near the Phuket Yacht Haven. 


Boarding: 12.00 a.m. Departure: 13:00
Disembarking: 12.00 p.m.
for all journeys we need 6 guests to operate 
additional we have to collect a Nationalpark fee of 25,-Euro per person at the end of the journey!! 

Useful equipment: small flashlight, beach shoes and spare towel. 

Tours starting from Phuket will be reversed.
All parts of the cruise and schedule are under the safety consideration of the captain.
The cabins are simple but spacious ( no showers and toilets in the cabins ).
The ship has 2 comfortable and tiled share-bathrooms with shower-cabinets and European toilets (hourly cleaned ) and 2 warm-water outside showers.
Snorkel-equipment is free of charge on board.
Additional sport equipment for rent: Dive-tanks, kayaks, fish-trawling gear. 


Departure Schedule

For all journeys we give operation garanty with 2 guests.

price incl. full board and lodging due to itinerary with food and unlimited soft drinks per person sharing a double cabin. ex KRABI or PHUKET harbour.
No transfers included !
National Park Fee will be collected at the end of the journey !
due to date: 50,- Euro per person / journey

09 Nov '18 13 Nov '18 5 Krabi > Phuket
15 Nov '18 19 Nov '18 5 Phuket > Krabi
22 Nov '18 26 Nov '18 5 Krabi > Phuket
28 Nov'18 02 Dec '18 5 Phuket > Krabi
05 Dec '18 09 Dec 18 5 Krabi > Phuket
23 Dec '18 27 Dec'18 5 Krabi > Phuket
05 Jan'19 09 Jan '19 5 Krabi > Phuket
11 Jan '19 15 Jan '19 5 Phuket > Krabi
18 Jan '19 22 Jan '19 5 Krabi > Phuket
24 Jan '19 28 Jan '19 5 Phuket > Krabi
31 Jan '19 04 Feb '19 5 Krabi > Phuket
17 Feb '19 21 Feb '19 5 Krabi > Phuket
24 Feb '19 28 Feb '19 5 Phuket > Krabi
04 Mar'19 08 Mar '19 5 Krabi > Phuket
10 Mar'19 14 Mar '19 5 Phuket > Krabi
17 Mar '19 21 Mar '19 5 Krabi > Phuket
24 Mar '19 28 Mar '19 5 Phuket > Krabi
21 Mar '19 25 Mar '19 5 Phuket > Krabi
31 Mar '19 04 Apr '19 5 Krabi > Phuket
06 Apr'19 10 Apr '19 5 Phuket > Krabi



Price per person sharing a double cabin: 870.- Euro

The National Park entrence fees of around 50.- Euro per person are not included 
 in the cruise price and will be charged on board.

Price incl. full board accommodation (breakfast, luch & dinner, soft drinks, afternoon tea/coffee) per person.  


50 % deposit is due for securing the reservation and rest payment latest 1 month before the cruise date.

Cancellation Policy:

 - up to 90 days 30%
 - 90 - 21 days 50%
 - 21 - 8 days 75%
 - 7 days or less 100%

The tour routing is subject to change without advance notice.  


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