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Koh Lanta
(Lanta Islands)

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Koh Lanta - the last paradise !





Koh Lanta - a new pearl in the Andaman Sea

Only separated by the smaller sister island Lanta Noi and a few minutes drive from the mainland, Koh Lanta is the extension of Krabi's former coastal line. The island, which is sparsely populated by Thai-Muslims offers, besides several smaller romantic bays, 2 kilometers of wonderful and amazing sand beaches. The shallow falling sand beach and the crystal clear water at the Klong Dao and the Kaw Kwang Beach, as well as the almost untouched Long Beach (Prae Ae Beach), allow to enjoy the impressive natural beauty of this island.

Kho Lanta
In 1990, 15 islands in the Lanta groups (covering an area of 134 sq km) were declared part of the new Ko Lanta National Marine Park in an effort to protect the fragile coastal environment. Ko Rok Nok is especially beautiful, with a crescent-shaped bay featuring cliff, a white-sand beach and a stand of banyan trees in the interior. The intact coral at Ko Rok Nai and limestone caves of Ko Talang are also worth seeing.

Getting there:
There are several ways to reach Koh Lanta. 

  • Direct from Krabi - there is a Express-boat operating from November until the end of April. Tickets are roughly 150 THB and the journey takes about 2 1/2 hours. The boats leaves from Krabi peer at 13:30 h, in peak-season there is a additional trip at 10:30 h in the morning and will bring you to the Baan Saladan. The boat from Saladan peer will leave at 8 o'clock mornings. The round-trip ticket with a stopover at Koh Jum costs 260 THB.
  • From Krabi via Bo Muang - the minibus leaves from the Tourist office in Krabi at 10:30 h and at 12:00 h noon and brings the passengers in 1 1/2 hour ride down to Bo Muang. From there leaves the Express boat at 12:30 h and  14:00 h and delivers their freight at the Baan Koh Lanta. Ca. 45 THB and the journey takes about 1 hour. From Baan Koh Lanta there is at 13:30 h a ferry for 50 THB, which brings you down to Baan Saladan. For the trip back, the boat leaves at 7:00h and at 8:00h from Ban Koh Lanta, at 8:00 h from Ban Saladan to Bo Muang, where the Minibuses are waiting to reach Krabi. 
On the way down to Koh Lanta passing lush vegetation, a lot to explore ! The car ferry brings you over from Ban Hua Hin to Koh Lanta Noi !
  • From Krabi via Baan Hua Hin - From Pattana Rd. in Krabi by minibus to Baan Hua Hin, the  bus is leaving between 10:00h - 14:00 h every full hour, ca. 25 THB per person. From there take a longtail-boat to reach Koh Lanta Noi (20 THB), than by motorbike-taxi or Pickup-truck for a 8 km ride to the other side of the Island and again via Longtail-boat to Baan Saladan costs you about 5 THB. 
  • From Koh Phi Phi - there is a ferry from October to April, leaving every day from the Phi Phi Island Peer at 13:30 h and brings you  to Lanta Island in 1 1/2h. Cost: 150 THB. Departure back to Phi Phi is 8:00 h. From there it is very easy to connect over to Phuket.
  • From Koh Hai - boats to Koh Hai in the South are rarely, from there you can connect in the peak-season to Pak Meng (daily 10:00 h / 100 THB) and then further down to Trang (ca.30 THB by minibus).
Baan Saladan.

Most of the tourist-boats arrive at the northern pier of the island in Baan Saladan. At the shore-road of the little fishing village are not more than 2 dozen of houses situated, some are restaurants, dive-clubs or mini-market shops and of course a tourist information center.

Baan Saladan

A road connects Baan Saladan along the east-coast with the village Baan Koh Lanta, the east-coast is very shallow and not suitable for swimming. Another dusty road is leading along the beautiful west-coast of the island to the sandy beaches down south-west. 

The interior of Koh Lanta there are mountains up to a height of 488 m above sea-level.

Getting around on the Island: 
The easiest way to explore the island is to hire a motorbike, herewith you could drive around the islands. 

Bungalows: The Noble House Resort Accommodation:
The prices for a bungalow on the island are until now quiet similar. The Southern Lanta Resort is the only one with a swimming pool. Please find more details on our Hotel-site: Hotel list

Klong Dao Beach: South of Baan Saladan extends the shallow and relatively hard consisting sandy beach of Klong Dao. The beach is about 2 km in length and is also widely known as Lanta Beach. Good for sunbathing, swimming and relaxing. 

Kaw Kwang Beach: North-west of Ban Saladan, ca 2 km is the peninsula located. The northern inlet consists out a very shallow mangrove swamp, quiet dry during low-tide. The southern shallow, but very beautiful shallow sand beach pass into Klong Dao Beach. 

Long Beach: Also mentioned as Phra-Ae Beach is located about 3.5 km from Baan Saladan, close behind Klong Dao beach. It is a powdery, sandy beach and offers the best place to swim. The beach is about 3 km long .


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