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Krabi Province



About two hours by car from the Phuket International Airport, you'll find Krabi. This province offer Thailand most environmental beautiful coastal regions. Bizarre limestone rock-formations are forming a fantastic silhouette, reaching even far out into the Andaman Sea.  

The heart of this unique, still not overcrowded coastal region is Ao Nang Bay, with its smaller beaches and bays which you sometimes  just can reach from the sea. 


The charming region of KRABI is situated at the western shore of the Andaman sea, getting more popular with every new tourist season. There are lonely beaches and one can be in close contact with mother nature's beauty. This is also a paradise for divers. Geological attractions are ever present. In a monastery hidden in the jungle, Buddhist monks live their simple life in the company of trees, some of them older than a thousand years.
The provincial Capitol Krabi was until a view years ago unknown in the travel-industries. The villagers used to live from fishing, rubber, palm oil, shrimps farming, etc. Nowadays the major incoming source is tourism. Krabi province is 4700 square kilometer large and located at the west-coast of Thailand 170 km away from Phuket and 800 south of Bangkok. Meanwhile more than 300.000 are living in the province, 17.000 in Krabi Town, the capitol. The Population contains roughly 60 % Buddhist and 40 % Muslim.

The new Krabi Airport is since the End of July opened. This makes traveling to Krabi more convenient than in the past. Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways and Angel Air are flying down south to Krabi. Of course there are  connection flights to other southern Airports like Hat Yai, Koh Samui and/or Phuket. A good alternative to the expensive flight-tickets is to take the night train from Bangkok to Krabi. Krabi is not directly on the Railway network, so you got to travel to Suratthani and take the Buss for about three hours to Krabi. There is a very well developed buss transit net, to all destinations like Bangkok or even Malaysia, George Town. Buss tickets are different in prices, depending of which category you prefer to travel. The cheapest tickets from Krabi to Bangkok are from 280 THB available up to the Super VIP Shuttle for 1200 THB. 

From Krabi to Ao Nang:
There is a bus service between Krabi Town and Ao Nang, for 15 THB per Person.

What to do in Krabi-Province:
Krabi is well-known for beautiful beaches, such as Rai Ley Beach - a long sandy white beach. The ideal spot to do sea kayaking and snorkeling. There are mangrove forests, caves and limestone outcrops, making Krabi a paradise for Rock-climbers and adventure-loving people. Long tail boats for hire, dive shops and bikes for hire will make your stay most eventful. 
Street down to Ao Nang

Beaches in Krabi Province:

Ao Nang Beach:
18 km westwards from Krabi is Ao Nang Beach located. Edging at three sides of the beach on jungle covered rocks, which are declared to a National Park. Fine, bright sand with small coral pieces and little tiny shells shape the beach, suitable for walks as well as sun-bathing and swims. The northern, tourist developed part is best suitable for long walks and for watching  a scenic island group in front of the bay. Most Bungalow-resorts feature restaurant, in the center are tourist-centers, dive-shops and souvenir shops. Soi Sunset has something of a night village feeling  after dark. Artists paint batik beside Kon Thai in the evenings. Although open all day, the strip is definitely the place to hang out after at night in high season. 

Ao Nang beach

Rai Leh Beach:
The with rock-formations surrounded peninsula (also known as Phra Nang Bay or Rai Lay Beach) can only be reached by boat,  because the beautiful limestone rock-formations reaching out into the sea. On several spots the sea washed caves and caverns into the limestone. At the two most beautiful beaches, 1986 has been built up the first bungalow resorts into the Palm tree forest - it was for several years a insider-tip under travelers. Through mouth to word recommendation the beaches gained such popularity, that almost every day new bungalows where built. Finally the fishing village had to make way for a bungalow resort. There used to be sometimes up to 300-400 people sleeping at the beach and waiting for bungalows. 

Pai Plong Beach:
This little, beautiful beach is tucked away between mountains and is only reachable by boat during high tide, during slack low tide you might walk around the rock-formations and  a cliff in the sea. This bay feature crystal clear waters, palm trees and a small beach stripe as well as a little lush jungle. 
Krabis beaches

Had Ton Son beach
Cross the river at Had Nopparat Thara by boat (10 THB per person) to reach four simple bungalow resorts along peaceful Ton Son (Pine Tree) beach. The beach is a gradient shallow sand stripe. 

The average temperature in Krabi is all year around 23 to 34 degree Celsius. Monsoon season is from September until November, December until the end of March is normally quiet dry. From March to September the  weather is not very stabil, changing between sun and rain. Average rainy days per month in this Period of time are 10-15. This doesn't mean that it rains the whole day, might be, but most of the time it is like an hour in the evening or in the morning.

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