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Pattayas Skyline


    Getting there


Located two hours away by car from Bangkok in the Chonburi province is Pattaya, the  most popular beach destination of Thailand.  This is not the right place for walks on quiet beaches, it is more or less a fun-city with a four kilometer long beach - big entertainment. Above all, Pattaya offers you the best money/value relationship regarding hotels and restaurants amongst the whole country. Chonburi province is a paradise for golfers, with its 18 different beautiful designed courses. 
While North-Pattaya is the quieter part with mid up to high-range hotels, offers Central- and South-Pattaya endless unlimited entertainment. Above four kilometers away, a new center is developing, Jomtien. 

 is located 140 km east of Bangkok, on the Gulf of Siam. A little fishing village some 20 years ago, Pattaya has developed into PATTAYA CITY, a most popular holiday destination, also called the THAI RIVIERA. Here, you can experience the full kaleidoscope of holiday pleasures.
There is a lot of fun under Pattaya’s tropical sun, due to the wide variety of activities. For all those who love action, adventure or Golf, Pattaya is the ideal place. All kinds of sports are available. 

Pattaya offers 30.000 hotel rooms of all categories at bargain rates, as competition is tough. 
Concerning culinary delights, there is everything you can dream of. In hundreds of restaurants you can enjoy Thai specialties as well as the full range of international dishes and menus, such as seafood, delicious desserts, big steaks and much much more. In Pattaya, the nights are long. 
Shopping is a favorite sport, especially if you like to get a good bargain. Big department stores offer everything, from fast food to fashions. 
Bars, discos, live music and a relaxed atmosphere are all around. A special attraction are the famous transvestite shows, featuring spectacular costumes and stage designs. 

Pattaya - a preferd destination for Golfers Parasailing

Airport transfers:
Bangkok International Airport - Thai International has a bus service through to the airport at Bt250 per person. Departures are from the Royal Cliff Beach Resort at 0600, 1200, 1800. Allow 2hr 30 min for transfer. Check in I hr prior to flight departure. 
Pre-flight check-in:
Business and first class passengers can check in for the flight at the THAI office, at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort. 
Companies like Avis operate a THB 2,200 chauffeur-driven limousine service to the airport; or for a small group, a minibus can be chartered at the same rate. 

Around the resort:
Minibuses cruise the main bay area for a set fare of Bt5 per person. Jump on, call out the destination and pay the fare after you alight. Beyond the main bay, fares increase fast. To Naklua, a popular run for locals going to the market, it is Bt IO, but to Jomtien, frequented mainly by visitors, the fare is as high as THB 3O. Over the hill to the Royal Cliff Beach Resort drivers quote THB 4O. 

Bus transfers: 
Roong Ruang coach service runs air-conditioned buses to Bangkok (Soi 63 Ekamai Terminal, Sukhumvit Rd) every 20 mins. They depart from the bus terminal on Pattaya North Rd from 05:30 to 21:00 daily. The bus THB 66. Taxi fares from terminal to main hotel area (Silom-Ploenchit), THB 100 - THB 150. 
Also air-conditioned buses leave Pattaya terminal daily at intervals of 30 minutes to the Bangkok's northern terminal from 05:30 to 19:00. Fare: THB 70 making it possible to connect with bus services north to Chiang Mai, etc. A bus service to Bangkok airport leaves at intervals of every two hours between the hours of 07:00-17:00 for a fare of THB 180.

Motor cycle hire:
THB 500 per day. Despite what enthusiastic bike owners say, you need a license to drive in Pattaya and nerves of steel. 
Beachside vendors hire cycles well down the Jomtien Beach Rd. at THB 100 per day, or THB 20 per hour.  

Beaches in Pattaya:

South Pattaya:
in South Pattaya are most of the beer bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and hotels accumulated along the beach road. But  also in the narrow streets and along the second road is a lot of turbulence during day and night. Due to land reclamation along the beach there is more space. The newly designed Beach-Promenade with its interesting patch-work paving stones, elegant swept park benches, sculptures and flower bowl contributes to an improvement of a greener  Pattaya. 

South Pattaya Beach Road   Beach at pattaya

Naklua Beach:
In Naklua, the northern part of Pattaya where also a lot of  Thai-families spending their holidays,  live is much more quiet than on other beaches. The former fishing village  is now the commercial center of Pattaya featuring a lot of Condominiums, apartment houses stores and markets, where the local population are going  shopping. In even some Sois, live is rural. 

Jomtien Beach:
For those wanting to step back of hustle and bustle to bask in the sun or to join some water sports activities, may choose to accommodate in Jomtien, also known as Chomtien Beach south of Pattaya. Because this beach was thought for family-holidays, the government tries to keep massage saloons and bars out of this area. A south-sea dream may fade soon, as you realize a lot of new high Condominiums and Apartment-blocks, built for the Asian consumer. 

Activities in and around Pattaya:

Nong Nooch Cultural Theme Park

There are a lot of things to do in Pattaya. Heading east, 15 minutes from the center of Pattaya, near Bang Saray is Nong Nooch for those who want to take in a cultural show. Saphires and rubies are abundance in Chantaburi, about 180 km south-east of Pattaya. The Khao Khiew Open Zoo's 1200 acres of forest and natural beauty is one of the largest Zoos in Asia. Bangkok day trips, Country tours, Paintball (objective is to capture your opponents flag), Game fishing, Go-karts, horse riding, Jogging, motor-racing, scuba diving, windsurfing, shooting, sailing, tennis, golf and a lot more. 

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