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Reputed as the Pearl of the South, the island was once the land of tin-mining for hundred of years. Owing to the natural beauty of the white sandy beaches especially in the western part of the island, Phuket has been regarded as the most exotic sea resort. 
Major enjoyable activities would include a variety of marine sports, sightseeing, etc. Also, the island is the center for moderately priced fresh seafood. 
Phuket Island is the traveling center to other fascinating islands of the Andaman Sea. 

Nai Yang Beach:
Located 30 km from Phuekt Town and reachable in a 5 Minutes car-ride from the Airport, Nai Yang Beach is still known as  a quite sandy beach with excellent swimming conditions. Plenty of Casuarinas trees guaranty for a lot  of  shelter. The bay was declared as National Park, due to turtles digging  their eggs during dry-season.   

Bangtao Beach:
Located 24 km from Phuket Town or about 30 minutes car-ride from  Patong Beach, you can find the  oblong shaped and eight kilometers long Bangtao Beach. The Beach is well-known due to the Laguna Phuket Hotels and Resorts, five high class beach resorts. There is a golf course and a horse stable, as well as good shopping opportunities at the Laguna Phuket Complex.

Especially during December, this beach is famous for the best windsurf conditions around the whole island, several international windsurf and catamaran competitions where held at this resort. Excellent relaxation and sun-bathing at the beautiful white sand beach.

wide sandy beaches along the West-Coast of Thailand !

Surin Beach & Pansea Beach:

Both beaches are about 24 km distance from Phuket town or 30 minutes by cab from Patong Beach on the west coast of the island. A big car park and a lot of snack and souvenir shops shows you, that the beach is frequently visited by Thai-tourists.
Casuarinas trees giving shelter to those, wanting a change from the Palm-beaches found all over the island - from end of December until and of April excellent swimming conditions during good weather days.
Be aware: During the monsoon season or Thaiphoon storms,  rip current may be present creating undertow conditions to the swimmer. 

Kamala Beach:

About 26 km from Phuket town or 20 minutes ride from Patong Beach. Kamala Beach is about 2 km in length and consists out of sand. At the southern end of the beach, there is a small Muslim village and at the northern side there are good picnic conditions. Phuket Fantasea, Phuket adventure theme park grant opening was in January 1999. It is worth a visit. Tickets can be booked in any travel agency on the Island. Phuket Fantasea provides Pick up service to make your evening most enjoyable.
The crystal clear waters of Kamala bay invites you for a good and safe swim or snorkeling,  at a very colorful coral reef just a few meters away from the shore 

Patong Beach:
Patong Beach is located 15 km from Phuket town on the west coast of Phuket Island. About 30 years ago, there wasn't much to do at Patong Beach. The villagers lived from fishing and were working on coconut plantations. The first backpackers came and discovered this remote paradise. Landlords built up, out of  natural materials, the first bungalows-not much more than roofs out of palm-tree leaves and  hang mocks or simple sleeping compartments. Nowadays Patong is one of Southeast Asia's most developed beach resorts, with enormous entertainment and hotel capacities. There is still the beautiful white sandy beach, where shelter is found under palm trees, but today with plenty of water sport activities and a bit more organized than it used to be in previous times.

Patong beach has a length of 3 kilometers and consists of white powdery sand. Patong is set in a oval bay, surrounded by lush green mountains.

Lunch at Pansea Beach

Behind the beach promenade,  hundreds of hotels and guesthouses, bars and restaurants, banks, shops and department stores will guarantee the tourist a pleasant stay.

Patong Beach is a public beach and umbrellas  and beach chairs might be rented from private vendors for about 200 THB per day for a two persons set. 

At the southern end of the beach closed to a small reef, there are Long Tail boats for rent, the captain will show you around the coastline for about 400 THB an hour or you even might hire it out for the whole day. Transfers to the next idyllic and much quieter Freedom Beach are also available here.

Freedom Beach and Emerald Bay:
This two pretty bays south-west of Patong, can be reached by Longtail boat from leaving in the south end of Patong Beach. The people like it for snorkeling and swimming in a more private atmosphere than at the larger beaches. This two bays may also be reached over a precipitous hill road. By feet you just need to cross the property of the Coral Beach Hotel and follow a small path down to the see.

Relax Bay:
is the synonym of the little beach, where the well-known Le Meridien Resort Phuket is located ( 10 minutes by car from Patong Beach). You can reach this beach by Long tail boat or taxi. The guards at the entrance won't let someone's not in the hotel living car in. You got to park and do the remaining way by foot. It is well worth to visit. Very nice sandy, powdery beach, relax under lovely umbrellas or stroll around at the shore of the crystal clear blue waters of the Andaman Sea. 

Karon Beach:
karon beach is located 20 km south-west direction from Phuket town at the west-coast of Phuket. The 3 kilometer long, wide sandy Palm beach is  scenic not very attractive. In the North the beach features a small very beautiful lagoon and abut on rock-formations. There is also the beginning of the road leading over the hills to Relax Bay and to Patong Beach.  On the other hand the wave surfers really gathering there together to get a ride on the up to 4 meter high waves, breaking over a shallow sand bar in front of the beach. Karon reef is approximately 18 meters deep and about 5 minutes snorkel swim away from the southern part of the beach - good for a afternoon dive. Catamarans and surfboards are there for rent and all year around there is a light breeze, making a ride on a surfboard quite enjoyable. Water-ski, Jet skis and Long tail boats are there for hire, too. 
Karon Center is right behind the beach road after Karon Circle. There are a lot of guest houses and Hotels. Restaurants and Bars, Thai Massages and a small night market, makes the visitors stay in Karon most enjoyable.  Most of the Hotels and Bungalow resorts are located at the beach road and spread out over this 4 km long beach resort. Karon Beach is  a stay worth, for tourists who don't like the crowds of Patong Beach.
Be aware: During the monsoon season there are rip-currents present and special caution has to be taken regarding swimming.

Kata Beach:
approximately 17 kilometers away from Phuket Town, below Karon beach at the west-coast of Phuket Island. Kata beach is a beautiful sandy beach, much more quite than Patong or Karon. The ideal Beach for families, there are plenty of water sport activities, like sailing, swimming, water-skiing. Famous is the  beach for its beautiful, snorkel and dive-able reef - the Kata reef. The reef is enclosed in  small marker-buoys, so that your diving activity will not be disturbed by any boat traffic. Most of the dive shops are located in Kata beach and offering boat-trips to the major dive sites  of Phuket. In Kata center is the night life and the most accommodations are located there. A lot of guesthouses, resorts and a small amount of shops are in Kata Beach. Also you might visit the Dino Park Mini Golf Course, located at Kata Hill, a creative Mini Golf Course in Dino Style, even with a volcano rising above the palm trees.  

Kata Noi Beach:
The approximately 1 kilometer long sandy beach, Located immediately south of Kata Beach around a rocky headland and a little cove is Kata Noi Beach. A few Hotels, the well-known Katathani Hotel, some restaurants, shops are there, to offer the client some resort atmosphere. Kata Noi Beach is surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation and ultra-green mountains. A fantastic place to step back  from daily routine and city-life's stress. 

Rawai Beach:
is located 17 km from Phuket Town on the south-tip of Phuket Island. Especially frequently visited by Thai-Tourist. Rawai Beach offers a lot of small restaurants at the beachfront, shops and souvenir stores. There are Long tail and speed boats for hire, bringing you out to the offshore islands of Phuket like Raya Yai or Coral Island. Just a few Kilometer further up the mountain, you'll find this spectacular sunset - Viewpoint

Nai Harn Beach:
famous because of the annual Phuket King Cup. Fine clean sand and clear water make this one of Phuket's nicest beaches. Several little restaurants on the beach offer delicious Thai food.

Chalong Bay:
Approximately 14 km away from Phuket Town. This bay is the major peer for the daytrip boats like dive-boats, deep-sea fishing, etc. There are no swimming possibilities, but nice and romantic seafood restaurants with excellent money/value relationships.


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