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Khao Yai National Park Adventure


Khao Yai National Park Tours

About 175 km Northeast from Bangkok lies Khao Yai - a big mountain region in Thailand, that covers a area of about 2.200 qkm and is one of the country’s largest national parks. In 1959 Khao Yai was declared a nature reserve and is now home to 153 different species of animals, that are protected by law.

Within this refreshing and scenic landscape, with it’s bizarre mountains, there is still untouched jungle, mountain streams and many waterfalls, with a preserved animal world, which includes wild elephants, buffaloes, deer’s porcupines, varieties of monkeys, parrots and parakeets, huge hornbills and another 250 species of birds. There are even tigers, clouded leopards and bears living here. A unique experience awaits you at dusk, when you see more than one million bats fly out and leave their daytime home in the caves.

We offer:

Transportation from the airport or Bangkok hotel in an air-conditioned minibus to the edge of Khao Yai National Park. Quiet and comfortable en-suite double rooms, at the Garden Lodge. Varieties of local flora and fauna and a tropical garden, where you can see over 200 different of botanical and some rare hybrid orchids . There flying butterflies and birds every day in our garden.

Additional information: 

The restaurant offers breakfast, food a la carte (European, Vegetarian, Thai, Chinese, Isaan) can also be ordered. Dishes range from 25 Baht to 250 Baht (1 US/Dollar = about 36 Baht), soft drinks between 10 and 40 Baht, alcoholic and special drinks starting from 25 Baht. 24 hour laundry service is available.


The area around Khao Yai (“Big Mountains”) rises from 400 m to 1351 m above sea, and it is advisable to bring along a pullover/sweater. Temperatures are considerably lower than those of Bangkok. Especially during the winter months from November to February it can be cool at night. From December to May there are huge numbers of flowering trees and shrubs, in addition to wild orchids and other rare plants, which can be found only here. Winter is also the best time to spot wild elephants. In February birds come into full song with the onset of the mating season, although you can spot migrant winter birds from further North until May. From March to May is the warm season and many trees flowering. In June the rainy season starts and normally lasts until the end of September. From middle June up to the end of of July also many wild orchids are blooming. At this time also many different beautiful butterflies can be seen fluttering through fragrant jungle air. During this season it rains 2-3 hours during the daytime and Khao Yai often changes into a “forest in the mist”, that many holiday makers find extremely charming.

Things to bring:

Hiking boots (sport or light walking shoes), a small flashlight and a strong pair of binoculars are recommended. 

Activities recreation:

Besides our hikes you have the opportunity to have an unforgettable game on a world-class golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus. On our bikes you can explore the beautiful surrounding area. You can also play table-tennis, darts or take a herbal sauna or a herbal bath and after an oil, or a authentic traditional Thai massage, or only just our attractive swimming pool.

Our goal is to offer you a variety of unique and authentic experiences far beyond the usual level of mass tourism. Because you are involved in selecting and planning your own activities’ itinerary, it will never be too demanding, but will be custom made to include as many excursions and events as you desire. At the end of your stay we will deliver you back to Bangkok with greater knowledge about the region’s animal and plant life, and a real sense of having had an authentic experience of the country and it’s people .... and save costs! We are always at your service as specialists, who have lived in Thailand for many years.

Also you have the opportunity next to our Jungle tours and cultural excursions from now on to take a 30 - 45 minute lasting Elephant ride through a natural river landscape at the Khao Yai. An aprox. 1 1-2 h, 6 km. long river trip in a tube boat we can prepare for you after arrangement here in the Khao Yai Graden Lodge.

Leisure time possibilities: table tennis, Dart game, board and cards game, bicycles, Swimming pool, herb baths, sauna, traditional massages and crystal-clear nature source for bathing in the vicinity. 
7 world classes of gulf courses, Elephant riding, Boot rafting, riding school, noble parrots-breeding concern and Ultra light-flight sport in nearer environment.

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